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Winning Teambuy Contest Entry

July 30, 2011 - 3:15 pM

I won $10 in a contest by providing the best answer for "What part of your daily routine would you like to have google design a robot for?" Here is my entry:

"The robot would be my very best friend in the whole world. We'd skip down the street together. He'd crash through the concrete after an extra high jump and we'd run away before anyone noticed. We'd go to school together. His chair would collapse once he sits down, and I'd help him up and give him a pat on the back. We'd go to the gym together. He'd lift twice as much as all the bodybuilders, and we'd high-five each other. Then he'd break the treadmill, and we'd hightail it out of there. We'd watch TV together, laughing and nudging each other during the funny moments. We'd go to the park together and have ice cream cones. I'd accidentally drop mine, but my best robot friend would share. We'd go clubbing together, he'd show off his break dance moves and teach me to pop and lock. And we'd go to the movies together. I'd pick a tragic romance and as we'd watch it, we'd both start crying, then hug one another, clinging to each other for comfort. Then the tears would short-circuit his wiring and I'd get electrocuted, so in the end, my best robot friend and I would die in each other's arms."


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