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Professional Photo of MariaMaria Samurin lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Maria mostly writes romantic comedies and her stories always have happy endings. To date, she has written a handful of short stories and she is working on about a dozen novel ideas simultaneously. She has also co-authored a young adult science fiction novel, BattleField Squadron, with fellow writer Olga Ordina.

Maria's knew she wanted to be a writer at a very early age. As a child, she would tell her parents bedtime stories every night, instead of the other way around.

After she learned to read, Maria fell in love with books, and would read several books each week, a passion that has stayed with her over the years. No matter where life takes her, or where she is, Maria is always reading.

When she was 14, Maria suggested to her best friend, Olga Ordina, that they should write a novel together. And so, BattleField Squadron was born.