The highly anticipated new Scarborough Scribblers anthology is here!

Join me and my writers' group, the Scarborough Scribblers, as we race against time to bring you fifteen of our best impromptu short stories and poems, all inspired by writing prompts from the famous Gravel Bar.

When you take away time and add pressure, anything can happen: an arachnid space-disaster, a streetcar adventure, lessons in overlord succession, an equine meteorological fantasy, tales of love and espionage, and more.

My short story, The Darkest Lord, can be found on page 135 of Impromptu: An Anthology.

Book Launch!

The exclamation mark is warranted; we're that excited about our book launch!

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 (2:00pm - 4:00pm) at Albert Campbell Library

Friends, Family, Fans (and random strangers):Come see how excited we are about the publication of our second anthology (hint: we're very, very excited!) and help us celebrate. There'll be music and we'll all read exerpts of our stories in our most dramatic voices (we've been practicing). Oh, and of course we'll be serving refreshments: appetizers, and non-alchoholic beverages like coffee, tea and pop (we'd rather toast with champagne but that's against Library Policy... yes, we checked).

Please let someone know if you'll be attending (by someone we mean one of the authors or the library). We'll be keeping a head count to make sure we have enough chairs and refreshments. Then again, not letting anyone know has its benefits (standing burns more calories, and dessert is bad for you... especially chocolate).

Signed copies of Impromptu and our 2016 anthology Library Reflections will be on sale.